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Private room of Michishige Sayumi, Anatatachi no morning musume ga chuui ni nari nanto orei o moushiagete yoi yara wakarimasen^^ Domo arigato gozaimashita v^^v
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 Nagisa's report

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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:42 pm

you find a lot of news...
so many I think...
well i guess i have to start read it...
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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   Sat Apr 25, 2009 9:23 am

yeah..OK..OK.. thanXQ for this information....
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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:55 pm

Digital Photo Technic magazine May 2009 cover girl : Michishige Sayumi
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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   Sun Apr 19, 2009 5:56 am

Here you go, this week’s KonUsaPi:

This weeks’ playlist:
1. Morning Musume: Nai Chau Kamo
2. Morning Musume (Michishige Sayumi solo): It’s You
3. Hidemi Uematsu: Jidai
4. Erina Mano: Otome no Inori
5. Yaguchi Mari: Seishun Boku

-Sayu is totally amazed
-Sayu says it looks identical to ManoEri. Well it may be because Mano chan looks similar to Sayu but from her view it looks exactly like ManoEri.
-but it’s really amazing and done with pencil too. She thanks the listener
-Sayu points out that one picture happens to be a swimsuit pic and goes “whoo~”
-she likes how the face on the picture looks more intelligent looking than her actual face
-she calls the girl in the drawing cute
-she could really feel the love from all the effort


-Sayu doesn’t have her dolls out because she didn’t bring them to Tokyo. They are still in Yamaguchi.
-there are pictures of her standing in front of the hina dolls when she was little back home in Yamaguchi but she doesn’t remember those times.
-what she does remember was around kindergarten to the higher grades of elementary school.
-She remembers decorating the dolls every year. She doesn’t have the chance to do it anymore.
-her house has a big seven tier doll platform which her grandma got for her older sister. They share the doll set and set it up together every year.
-they take it out and set it up in one of their rooms. But when the dolls were out, Sayu never felt like she could read in the room with the dolls behind her.
-because of that, it annoyed her that she couldn’t read the books she wanted to read. This made her feel like she wanted to pack the dolls up quickly.
-she doesn’t have the fondest memories of hina-matsuri but singing the hina-matsuri songs in kindergarten and so forth was fun.

Kataomoi no Owari ni

-when in a store, the background music gets drowned out cause she’s listening to her own earphones
-even when walking on the streets with her earphones on, she ends up humming. but because her earphones are on she doesn’t hear how loud her voice is
-the other day, at the convenience store near her place, she was listening to Kamei Eri’s song from Platinum 9 Disc and ended up singing along with it in a loud voice.
-normally when she’s singing pleasantly, she’d occasionally run into her sister and her sister would be like “what are you singing Sayu-chan?”
-she’d tell her sister the song and they’d both sing it in the convenience store.
-at that time on the way home she thought hard on how she hadn’t sung Eri’s song out in public before. She wondered if that’s a good thing considering the loudness of her voice.
-Sayu finds Eri has a very beautiful singing voice while Sayu finds her own singing to be vague and sloppy.
-She’s also very random with the lyrics…she’d just sing la la la~ a lot of the times and her notes are off.
-She feels a little bad for ruining Eri’s song but it’s a good song so everyone should listen to it.

Tokyo: Mom, Sis & Sayu and sometimes Dad

-the three women of the Michishige household get along together really well
-most likely cause they are close in age, Sayu 19, Sis 21
-they don’t go out with their dad that much since he’s in yamaguchi
-her sister doesn’t even have their dad’s (email) address on her cell
-Her dad would email Sayu often.
-He asked Sayu to please inform him of her sister’s address. He asked in polite speech with the use of honorifics.
-it was quite pitiful (referring to her dad having to ask) but Sayu forgot to send it to her dad until 3 days later
-it seems like her dad is a bit left out when it comes to the Mishichige household but according to Sayu..he doesn’t seem to mind.


-Sayu and her sister would joke about how cute they are but other than using the mirror in the morning to do her make up and straighten hair, her sister doesn’t look at the mirror that much.
-her sister doesn’t even carry around her wallet or cellphone at times when going out. Sometimes she’d just take a train pass with her and leave her purse at home. At times like that she wouldn’t even have a hand held mirror on her…not that she would use it much.

Celeb sightings

-while normally just walking on the streets, Sayu has come across some celebrities.
-well she doesn’t know if the person is famous but the one that moved her the most was someone from Sanma Akashiya’s show “Much Ado About Love”
-The actor was at the train station that Sayu was at. The person had a distinctive voice that Sayu thought was familiar. When Sayu turned around to look behind her she was like “waaah!”
-The person had no make up. and she remember thinking to herself that the person was cuter on tv
-but she was moved in thinking that there were celebrities about.

-she also saw a comedian from Oriental Radio “Acchan kakko ii” (not Fujimori’s Acchan)
-The two talked about seeing each other on the train when they were together for the taping of 24 Hour Television

-And then there was someone (she doesn’t know who) from AKB48 at Shibuya
-Sayu thought she had good taste in fashion

-and she was really happy about seeing the women’s volleyball player Otomo on the train
-she kept thinking that the resemblance was uncanny and that she was extremely cute
-she had her volleyball uniform on and when she got up to get off the train, Sayu thought she was for sure the real thing due to her incredible height.
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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   Fri Apr 03, 2009 10:38 pm

Sayumi at Shougeki One Phrase : Michishige Sayumi, Yaguchi Mari

love nagisa
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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   Fri Apr 03, 2009 8:19 am

Not long ago on her show, Sayumi urged listeners to vote for their favorite Morning Musume song. These were the results:

10. Wa~ Merry PinXmas
09. Furusato
08. Do It Now!
07. Nai Chau Kamo
06. Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago
05. Resonant Blue
04. Yowamushi!
03. Mikan
02. Aruiteru
and the top vote getter:
01. It’s You!

love nagisa
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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:55 pm

hai ^^ i will search more news for you and all members here ^^ i will post when i found the new one ^^

love nagisa
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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:02 pm

anyway, im home! heheh
*drop dead boring*
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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   Tue Mar 31, 2009 6:27 am

Howdy Fellas,
Greetings! long time no see, huh!?

Sorry for not so active lately. Lack of release for last 3 months. This time we'll be back on stage. The opening spree is a karaoke performance from sayumi and risako, Chu Natsu Party, which is sung at Hello! Project Festival 2008. Just as robokiss, both of them are very cheerful and kawaii.

So please enjoy the karaoke, and for notes, we do not give kanji on the PV, because it will fill the scene, and in the end we can't see sayumi.

torrent download
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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   Tue Mar 31, 2009 6:15 am

i found at youtube this is the special one ^^
Otona no Gakuryoku Kentei QUIZ 3.22.09 : Sayu only.
please enjoy it ^^

love nagisa
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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:44 pm

@alvin: don't you reads this: from: sayumi international forum
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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:54 pm

where do you find it?
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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:30 pm

Once again, Sayumi become a TV shows guest stars.
Let me give some review based on my observation...

On the beginning of the show, Sayumi already give her infamous USA-CHAN PEACE for the audience. Hahaha, what a cute expression!

"This kinda scary..." "I'm very nervous", she said on the beginning of the shows, because she saw all of the hosts wear a black outfit...

Host (H) : Up til now, what was the happiest service you're ever received? Something that made you happy.
Sayu : (S) : Well, I'm from Yamaguchi prefecture, which is a neighboring the Hiroshime prefecture.
And so in the fall of last year, we had a concert, and the fans would shout, "welcome home!" As well as a Sayumin call.
I was very happy about that.

H : ha? A "hypnotic call"? [Sayumin sounds like saimin]
S : No, actually the fans call me Sayumin. And so they had a Sayumin call for me.
But that was in Hiroshima prefecture though, and si I felt very bad (because it's not in Yamaguchi).
But it made me very happy.
It made me think that Sayumin is really "living" now.

H : Living? You're alive you know?
S : I mean the happiness just made me feel like. Oh I'm really here now! I was very happy about that.

Okay, on this shows, Sayu will be intoduced to some stuffs by five host of this show, n today's theme is "Relaxation"

This is my fave part of this show :

01. The first one, introduction to Rock Skipping

H : do you know about rock skipping?
S : I do know about it, although I didn't know what it was called. But I've done it before.

H : In general, how many skips can you get?
S : Mine just goes splunk!

02. The second one, the talking doll, Takkun
Sayu was introduced to a new toy product, Takkun, a doll that can give response to human speech.
I really love it when Sayu embrace the doll n do a conversation with the doll...

I don't know how many times Sayu is saying "Kawaii..." She said it over and over.
One thing I think funny is the doll doesn't want to sing when asked to by the male host, but when asked by Sayu, Takkun immediately sing!
Even a doll knows, which human is cute...XD.gif XD.gif

03. Relaxation DVD
This one is really weird...the host said that this is a relaxation DVD, but when you play it, it looks like a porn movie! What the hell???
Even Sayu look nervous and said , "Is it okay to watch this??"
Man, this is really a one weird DVD...!

04.The last host is showing her a dance to entertain Sayu, and I think the dance was reaaaaaaaaaaally weeeeeeeiiiiird!

On the end of the shows, Sayu was asked to pick her favourite host, and she pick the one who give her a dance (the last host)
S : I was very happy that he did all that just for me.
I was happy that he would push his body like that just for that purpose.

One more thing that I like from this show, all of the host called Sayu by "Princess"
I think it fits her well...

from: sayumi international forum
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PostSubject: Nagisa's report   Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:19 pm

Hai, Nagisa here. Me will hunting for information about Morning Musume. especially Sayumi. Whoever have update information may send to this room also if want to discuss with me about Morning Musume. Please give me advice ^^
Me hope Sayumi will be smile when reads my report here ^^

Nagisa Fujiyama
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PostSubject: Re: Nagisa's report   

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Nagisa's report
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